Our Story

The SewSewYou Story

What we do

SewSew You collaborates with today's top influencers and celebrities to create beautiful, sustainable activewear.

How we do it

Combining design with technology to craft unique clothing completely on-demand.  Made from excess materials and using waterless dyeing techniques, without holding any product inventory.   Giving our influencers and celebrities the rare opportunity to not only create their own brand collection but monetising their appeal in the most sustainable way possible

Why we do it

We are on a mission to put an end to overproduction and landfill forever. 

Making on-demand the new ‘norm’.  

Our Team

Led by Sarah Chessis, a staunch advocate for on-demand manufacturing, putting an end to overproduction and ultimately eliminating apparel landfill.

The team consists of in-house design, production, technology and manufacturing excellence.  Formulating the brightest ideas.                                    

Together, we help our influencer and celebrities alike create beautiful, sustainable activewear.  All while changing the industry.

One garment at a time.