SewSew Smart Technology

SewSew Smart Automation

Did you know?

  • Nearly three-fifths or 60% of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made. (McKinsey 2016)

Dedicated to ethical and sustainable standards, we have created a SewSewstainable process to create a unique, on-demand production model that provides high-quality garments while protecting both people and the environment.

Each piece is made on-demand.   Zero inventory.   Zero garment landfills.

Maximum Usability and a Really Small Stockroom

Our only stock are fabric and thread. We work with small batches, and micro factories.  We don’t need large warehouses burning energy.

Our Staff and Their SewSew Good Vibes

From our light, modern micro-factories, our tailors enjoy full company benefits, from extensive medical coverage and yearly check ups,  to scholarships for their children. We’re an EEO employer and adore how each tailor brings their own unique self to the team.

We see their well-being and happiness in their excellent work! Try your garment on and see… you’ll feel those good vibes sewn in.

You Are SewSew Part of the Solution Too!

If you share the same vision about socially conscious fashion, and desire to be part of the solution too, then you’ll also agree that over-ordering and wasteful returns of our inventory make no sense. Especially since it’s being made on-demand just for you! 

So as you shop today, think mindfully about these things and your selection. You can always contact us first if you need help with sizing and fit. We are always happy to help!


Our commitment to sustainability goes way and beyond using eco materials,  ethical production  and sustainable dyeing. 

We make every garment on demand

Our mission is to eliminate over production and garment landfill. Forever. We therefore encourage our customers to consider their purchases very carefully before placing an order.