Leaders In Socially Conscious Fashion

Clothing Made For Life, Not Landfill

A staggering 85 percent of our collective apparel ends up in a landfill -- that's over 10.5 million tons of clothing, according to the popular second-hand store Value Village (source Huffington Post).

Mills can use up to 200 tons of water per ton of dyed fabric, which in turn only produces about 1400 pieces of clothing. Roughly 17% to 20% of industrial water pollution is owed to fabric dyes and treatments. An estimated 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used to bleach, treat, and brighten our clothes.

On-demand manufacturing significantly reduced the amount of fabric used (estimated to be around half).

SewSew You: Holding The Industry Accountable

We follow a sustainable model of on-demand SewSmart manufacturing. It no longer makes sense to burn through consumables in this tech savvy world.


At SewSew You, we embrace change and with the help of cutting-edge technologies, on-demand production helps to minimizing wasteful returns that choke landfills every year.  We do not sit on large inventories hoping for the best.

We use only the finest quality Fabrics, recycled whenever possible.   

Finally – but most importantly, we only cut and sew what you order! Be part of the solution and lets put an end to landfill together. Forever.


Whether it's waterless dying, eco-fabrics,  automation, community projects and the treatment of our workers. 

Everything we do we do with care and consideration. We innovate towards sustainability and not at the expense of our workers.

Supply Chain Transparency

Supply chain transparency is a major factor to ensure both environmental  and socially responsible practices. 

At Sew Sew You, we control all aspects of the supply chain, from selecting fabric mills to ensuring we work with only the very best manufacturers. 

Manufacturers  who go above and beyond, in their pursuit of employee happiness, respect for the environment and the care of the community surrounding them. 


The SewConscious Shopping Code

If you share the same vision about socially conscious fashion, be part of the solution and lets put an end to landfill together. Forever.

It’s no longer acceptable to look the other way, not now in this modern world when we have the technology to do better. 

As you shop today, be mindful that every garment has been made to order,  just for you.