Fashion waste water

Of all the global waste water, 20% is made by the fashion industry (United Nations Partnership on Sustainable Fashion and the SDG’s)

Our Sustainable Fashion Mission Promise


#Slow Fashion, On Demand.

We make all of our clothes on-demand. That means, no fashion trash.


You order it, then we make it. No Inventory and no landfill

No Middle-Men = Smaller Carbon Footprint

End to end, we oversee design, manufacturing, sales and customer service.

Quality Garments, Made with Love for Longer Wearing

We pay our staff handsomely and give them a safe place to work.


Cutting edge tech means eco-friendly water-less dyes and no waste fabrics.

Collaboration and Influence

We work with strong Influencers to change buying attitudes en masse.

As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”

– Emma Watson

Why Not Let Your #OOTD Change
The World, Too?

Ethical Clothing That’s Saving Lives

SewSew You and our Influencers donate 2% of all revenues to the Tuloy Foundation in a life changing effort to free two million children in Manilla, from exploitation, neglect, hunger and abuse. Why not let your #OOTD help change their lives too? It’s easy! Instead of buying your next garment from a fast fashion store, order it from our Influencers instead!

About The Tuloy Foundation

Tuloy has provided residential care and educational opportunities to thousands of children in Manilla, since 1993. Graduates of Tuloy Foundation have gone on to become international ballet dancers, culinary chefs and athletes representing the Philippines in sports. So, every garment you order allows even more children to live a full and successful life